A “Thrilling” Marching Band

October 6, 2014

It was the first week back at school for Appleton West high school students and that Friday, I came in and met with the marching band for the first time.  Working with marching band director Michael Ross, we informed the students that this year they would be DANCING during their homecoming half-time show (some were more excited that others).  Third song in their set, Thriller, a classic, would be their chance to set down their instruments, and move.  

Choreographing this segment was a new adventure and challenge, as all of the movement would have to work in marching row formations, and move back and forth in a way that would not cause the musicians to step on their instruments or their neighbors.  Another challenge, working with 97+ band students, freshman-seniors.  I got my first look at marching formations drafting sheets and learned that in band you always start with your left-foot stepping first.  Pictured below is our dress rehearsal.

Their performance at the homecoming game Sept 26th, at the Banta Bowl in Appleton was great, the crowd went wild, and they received a standing ovation, with fireworks at the end and all!  So proud of my band students, some of whom now even call themselves dancers to their director.