New Works Choreography- Introspect Arts

June 1, 2014

I am currently working with 5 local dancers, ages 14-24, to create a New Work for the Introspect Arts New Works Festival 2014.  I hand-selected 5 area dancers to be in my new choreographic work titled “In Security”.  This past Wednesday was our first rehearsal, and we have 4 more schedule before our June 21st performance.  Working with 5 dancers, none of whom have ever worked together before, and only 2 of whom I’ve choreographed work on before has been going GREAT!  Movement is the common language that brings, even strangers, together.  I’m excited to share some rehearsal footage within the next week, and to see the piece continue to come together.  This Wednesday we will have our custom music score created by my fiancé, Estin Gee.  Adding the music to our phrase material will add that extra layer to what we’ve already been creating.  

Performing at Carnegie

April 14, 2014

I had the privilege to perform at the beautiful, Weill Recital Hall, in Carnegie this spring.  I did movement accompaniment to a choral piece sung by the Vivace group of the Badger State Girl Choir.  My 8-minute solo was accompanying a series of three civil war songs: Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier, When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again, and We’re Tenting Tonight.  I had a beautiful blue Civil War gown that I wore with my tan jazz shoes. A stool helped frame the solo and tell a heartfelt narrative of a woman at home while her husband is away fighting in the war, paired with the sweet voices of girl choir, made for a worthwhile performance.

Badger State Girl Choir Group